Farewell THS

The THS (or Twente Hacking Squad) is the academic CTF team of the University of Twente in the Netherlands. This is also the university where I spent my first year of MSc.

Time passes fast and my first year of MSc is already over…it is time to leave the Netherlands and go to another university. Unfortunately this is also time to say goodbye to the THS which I joined during this year.

This was the first time I had the chance to play in a CTF team. Joining the THS was an awesome experience and I sure recommend anybody with a strong passion for IT sec to join (or even form) a CTF team.

Despite we were not so many and very few of us had already some CTF-experience, we achieved some good results.

For example we ranked 14th overall and 6th among college teams for TUCTF (which was not bad at all considering more than 900 participants) and managed to win some gadget and T-shirts.

Results screenshot

We ranked third at SwampCTF.

Results screenshot

And manage to win Secura Grand Slam CTF.

Results screenshot

We also got to the end of a set of very nice challenges organized by the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit and get some t-shirts out of it.

Results screenshot

I am gonna miss the time spent together discussing the challenges while eating tons of Chinese food and kapsalon :)

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